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Jury Verdict

On September 12, 2013, Attorney Cramer obtained a $150,000 personal injury verdict on behalf of a client in Stamford Superior Court. Our client, a 51 year old woman was a patron at a local chain restaurant establishment in Fairfield, Connecticut on January 31, 2008. She was joined that evening by her husband and another couple. While putting coffee and sugar caddies on the table the server spilled a full urn of hot coffee on our client. Immediately after the server spilled the coffee our client, in her panic, ran to the ladies room and attempted to push open the door only to realize that the door pulled out instead of in. This caused our client to aggravate a preexisting shoulder and wrist injury. She sustained first and second degree burns on her right thigh and right arm. She was treated at the Bridgeport Burn Center where the burns were treated, cleaned, debrided and bandaged. Incredibly, the defendant failed to accept responsibility for the actions of their employee and denied responsibility for the incident. They made only a minimal offer of $12,000 prior to trial. At trial the defendant argued that the incident was simply an unavoidable accident and that our client should not be allowed to recover for her injuries. The jury took only 45 minutes to return the verdict and found the defendant 100% liable for plaintiff’s injuries.

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