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Probate Litigation

Attorney Cramer recently won a will contest which was tried in the Fairfield Probate Court. Our client, the major beneficiary under her mother’s will, was accused by her sister’s of exercising undue influence over her mother when the will was executed. The Probate Court found that our client did not exercise undue influence over her mother and ordered that the will be admitted and distributed as per the wishes of her late mother

Our office is presently defending a probate appeal after the probate judge found that our client’s brother, despite holding title to the home where their mother resided until her death, was holding the property in a “constructive trust” for the benefit of our client and that the brother must convey a one half undivided interest in the property to our client. It is a rare occurrence in which a court will find a “constructive trust” but in this case it was warranted and justice prevailed. We believe justice will prevail on the appeal also.

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